Weed Gummies: What are they?

Weed Gummies: What are they?

Back in the day, most people ate weed cookies or pot brownies. Now that cannabis is recreationally or medically legal in most of the country, new kinds of shelf-stable edibles are popping up. When weed gummies hit the market, everyone fell in love. If you love pot and you love candy, it’s hard to turn down a weed gummy every now and then. 

Weed gummies are gummy candies that have been infused with THC, and sometimes other cannabinoids. These gummies often look and taste like your favorite candies. They’re sour or sweet. They come in fun shapes. Best of all, they offer advantages that many other mass-produced edibles don’t.

Most people ate weed cookies and pot brownies in the past. Cannabis is now legal in most parts of the country for recreational or medicinal purposes, and new types of preserved edible foods are emerging. When the weed gummies came out, everyone fell in love with them. If you love weeds and candies, you’ll find saying no to weed gummy difficult every now and then.

Weed gummies are gummies that have been infused with THC and sometimes other cannabinoids. These gummy bears often look and taste like your favorite candies. They are sour or sweet. They come in a fun way. Best of all, they offer advantages not found in many other mass-produced edible foods.

Top reasons why gummies are the best edibles

1. They last a long time

Brownies and cookies do not last long. If you do not run out of the entire bag, batch, or box within a few days of baking or opening, discard the rest. Edible foods aren’t overpriced daily for most people, and unless you share them with a large group, you’re wasting a lot of weed snacks.  Gummies remain fresh for months, especially when stored in a closed refrigerator container. If you plan to use the edible only once or twice a month, the can of gummy bears will last up to half a year without getting worse.

2. Dosing them is easier

Baking with canna butter is fun, but it requires a lot of math and a lot of work. If you’re on the job and want to bring a  homemade load to a cannabis-friendly gathering, then do it. If you just want something for you and your friends, this is probably not the best way to go. Even freshly baked foods are not always easy to administer. You may find that one cookie contains three times your favorite dose. You can split a circle into a complete third, but do you really want to tackle all that problem? Gummy bears are usually low doses. If you want to cut one in half, it’s much easier.

3. Gummy bears are a healthier option 

As a vegan, making canna butter is difficult. You can find ready-made vegan canna butter, but  you need to be able to incorporate it into your recipe. Most cannabis edible foods are not made with dietary restrictions in mind. If you’re gluten-free or dairy-free, you’ll have a hard time finding the right cookie for your needs. 

Forget Stoner’s clichés that stuff their faces. Many people who use cannabis products have a very healthy lifestyle. Organic vegan gummy made from real fruits has fewer calories than giant flour brownies and is good for your health.


Gummy bears are one of the most popular edible forms, for good reason. Nothing is simple, versatile, or convenient. No matter what type of experience you want, there are low enough or high enough doses of gummies to deliver the height you want. When it comes to achieving the desired high, that’s what Relief Delivered does. If you’re looking for a gummy bear, there are a variety of flavors, strengths, and varieties. We will have your gummy candy ready in about 15–30 minutes via curbside delivery. Order lunch while you wait for the gummy bear. You will not leave home for a while.

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